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Why do people take photos?  It is to capture a moment in time in order to re-live it, to celebrate it, to share it with others.  Photos tell the stories of our lives.

We are Signe Pagel and Danielle Studer, organizers of photo legacies.  Our passion is to use our organizing skills and love of family history to preserve your collection of photos and to create meaningful ways for you to enjoy and share your photo stories.  We also can provide you with safe and reliable methods for organizing and archiving your photo collections so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you treasure your photos and the stories they represent, utilize our expertise to safely preserve them and to help you share and celebrate your photo memories.  We are anxious to meet you. . . and to hear your story!

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Helping you celebrate and tell your life story! 

I was motivated to contact In-Focus Photo Solutions by the recent death of my mother-in-law. As I sat at her funeral and reflected on her life, I thought of the wonderful life I’ve had and all the beautiful family and friends that are a part of it. I wanted to recap my life in a video show. I am so pleased with how beautifully In-Focus Photo Solutions captured my life and my emotions. 

Lydia B.

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Signe Pagel & Danielle Studer

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