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We want to celebrate your life! We are passionate about helping you organize and preserve your photos. We’ll show you how, or we’ll do it for you. We also teach you how to use photos to celebrate your life by sharing or displaying your photos and related stories. Your life is a story just waiting to be told! 

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Helping you share your life story! 

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Celebrate Your Story

Every life is special -- and the stories that make your life special and unique should be available for your family and friends to see. A little celebration -- of you -- is warranted, don’t you think? Oh alright, we get that you don’t like to...

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It’s Important to Tell the Story

What does this photo say to you? I found this photo recently while going through some of my grandfather’s heritage photos that I scanned for digital back-up.  It’s a charming photo, but it raises so many questions for me.  Who are these people?  When and...

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Disaster-proof Your Photos

Today is the first day of hurricane season.  If a hurricane came through your city this month, you would first want to be sure that you, your family members, and your pets were safe.  But is there anything else you would want to be sure to take...

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