One of the joys of photographing people is the opportunity to learn about their passions and talents.  We learned quite a bit about, and from, Andrea Trank at her recent photo session.  The session was scheduled to get shots of Heaven’s Lane yoga studio for Andrea’s website.  Andrea’s studio is located on a spacious balcony overlooking her swimming pool and backyard nature preserve.  Working in this outdoor scenic setting was, well. . . heavenly.

But Andrea is so much more than a yoga instructor, and our photo session just naturally turned out to be so much more than Andrea in yoga poses (impressive as they were).  She is also a health and wellness coach with an abundance of information on nutrition and the usefulness of essential oils. . . a designer of fashion jewelry. . . a wife and mother of two handsome sons. . . and a mom to two adorable dogs.

So, our session morphed from yoga poses to Andrea with a selection of jewelry, Andrea with a display of essential oils, and then Andrea with a platter of healthy food choices.  And we couldn’t leave without some shots of the fur-babies!

We left Heaven Lane with plenty of images to edit for Andrea’s website. . . and we learned about nutrition, which essential oils will help when we can’t sleep, which of Signe’s muscles haven’t been used enough lately, and. . .  that we have the flexibility to adapt to on-site photo theme changes.

A word from Andrea Trank on her photo session – 

I hired Signe Pagel and In-Focus Photo Solutions to help with re-branding me.  Since my health journey had resulted in so many changes in my appearance, I realized that having old photos on my website would not serve me.  When the pictures were shared with me, I must admit both my husband and me were shocked.  Not only did she capture the spirit of my health and wellness journey, she made me glow.  Every picture was framed exquisitely.  Her lighting and composition were perfect.  She got down on her knees and tried so many different approaches to make sure we had a set of fabulous pictures.  Both she and her daughter were easy to work with and so complimentary, making me smile and laugh.  Both of which she captured in our photos.  She also came up with the idea of filming me with my precious dogs to allow people to really get to know me.  In-Focus Photo Solutions is one of the best investments I have ever made in my business marketing.  Thank you In-Focus, Signe, and Danielle.  Namaste, Andrea

Andrea Trank

Heaven Lane Creations

In-Focus Photo Solutions and Photography
Signe Pagel & Danielle Studer

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