Every life is special — and the stories that make your life special and unique should be available for your family and friends to see. A little celebration — of you — is warranted, don’t you think? Oh alright, we get that you don’t like to talk about yourself, or “toot your own horn” as they say. But think of your children, grandchildren, and their descendants for a moment and their desire to know their ancestors. Your story is a part of their foundation.
We are passionate about showing people, like you, how to use photo images to preserve and share their stories. And we provide the expertise and the services needed for each custom project.
Imagine the stories that may be hidden in a box of old photo prints, slides, or negatives tucked away in a closet. Our first step is to convert those to digital images so they are preserved and can be viewed. The same goes for the stacks of old VHS tapes or reels of home-movie film. Hey. . . can you smell the popcorn?
Next, many of you will need organization of the digital images you’ve been taking on your cellphone or loading into your computer from your camera. If you are like most people we know, you have a lot of redundant images, nothing is labeled, and you have no file structure. You’re probably not sure what you have and you’d be hard-pressed to find a photo if someone requested it of you. If you are in this category, you have thousands of people there with you. Our job is to bring you out of this “mess” and into a state of organization where you can find what you need in 10 seconds and everything is backed up so you won’t lose it when your computer or cellphone “crashes.” (And it eventually will!)

The really fun part of our job — what causes us to break into our happy dance — is using our creativity to tell your story in a customized photo album or video slideshow. . .with those old photos you found in boxes and with your new digital images. “What kind of stories?” you ask. Stories about weddings, a couple’s lifetime together, the birth or adoption of a child, a life well-lived, survival of a battle with disease or illness, a military career, an entrepreneurial business career, a passion for travel. . . are just some of the stories waiting to be told.
What is your priority? Do you need to get old photos digitized? Are you tired of a digital photo mess? Or are you ready to assemble a story to share with others?
We are here for you. Let’s get started!

We make it easy to share your stories with others.

In-Focus Photo Solutions and Photography
Signe Pagel & Danielle Studer

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