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We use each of the products listed below to organize, preserve and manage our own photo libraries or the photo libraries we manage for our clients. We highly recommend them to you. Click on either the product image or the website link to get more information. Some of these products have similar features, and we will be happy to discuss them with you and help you determine which ones best fit your unique and specific needs. 


Backblase automatically backs up all your files – data, photos, music and even movies. Put your mind at ease knowing your photos are backed up securely in the cloud. You can back up unlimited data, unlimited file size, unlimited bandwidth and you can even back up your external drives. You get peace of mind for only $5/month or $60/year.


FOREVER isn’t like other photo storage services. It is focused on providing you with a permanent digital home that will last for generations. It’s like insurance for your photos.™ Buy once and own it for generations. No hidden fees and no recurring costs.


FOREVER Artisan® is  digital scrapbooking software that is incredibly flexible so you can design beautiful photo books, cards, wall art, gifts, and more. Great for beginners & experts. Beginners love how easy it is to get started with FOREVER Artisan scrapbooking software. Experienced users enjoy the ability to refine every element of their photo project using Artisan’s powerful array of photo-editing tools, brushes, overlays, filters, stamps and more.


FOREVER Historian™ software helps you organize, preserve, edit, and share your treasured digital photos and the stories that make them so precious. Use the power of your computer to organize and edit your images and to preserve those images, video clips and audio files. This tool is so powerful you will never again lose track of your images.

*In-Focus Photo Solutions is a sales affiliate for some of these companies. 

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We Are a People of Stories

We Are a People of Stories

Today, I had the privilege of spending the day with people who feel as passionate about preserving and sharing family photos as I do.  The production team of Family Pictures USA was in Fort Myers to interview and videotape local individuals about their family stories...

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A Photo Shoot on Heaven Lane

A Photo Shoot on Heaven Lane

One of the joys of photographing people is the opportunity to learn about their passions and talents.  We learned quite a bit about, and from, Andrea Trank at her recent photo session.  The session was scheduled to get shots of Heaven’s Lane...

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