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Photo Prints, Slides and Negatives –

How many boxes of photos do you have stored away in a closet or tucked under beds? Wouldn’t it be nice to free up that space and to know that your images will be safely preserved? We’ll scan those photos so you’ll have them for your digital collection and so they can be used in photo books, video slideshows, or shared digitally with friends and family. 

Scanning prices:

  • individual, loose photos start at $2.50/each and the price drops as the quantity rises.
  • photo album pages are at a rate of $5 per page.
  • slides and negatives are $2.50/each.

Preserving your life story! 

I was motivated to contact In-Focus Photo Solution by the recent death of my mother-in-law. As I sat at her funeral and reflected on her life, I thought of the wonderful life I’ve had and all the beautiful family and friends that are a part of it. I wanted to recap my life in a video show. I am so pleased with how beautifully In-Focus Photo Solutions captured my life and my emotions. 

Lydia B.

In-Focus Photo Solutions and Photography
Signe Pagel & Danielle Studer

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